Partners. Or something like that.

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    Steve Irwin in a Jaeger would be entertaining.

    Look over there. There’s a Catergory 3 Kaiju. Biggest one yet. 

    Ah’m gonna wrassle with it. 

    #yeah but who’s his drift partner. a crocodile. just a crocodile. its not a special or humanoid croc its literally just a croc strapped in.





    in the movie a little boy recognises steve at the captain america exhibit. it’s my headcanon that a little girl recognises bucky when he goes to the smithsonian exhibit to find out who he really is

    because little girls have heroes too

    "You should tie your hair…

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    Inspired by this.

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    Stiles, Derek and Fairy Tales



    Crystal Reed teases season 3B’s big death

    "they’re gunna kill me"

    Nicely played, Ms Reed.

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  4. Anonymous asked: i was going to argue you with you about the whole bottom!derek thing, because you seem to be under the impression that because you like it you're better than the people who don't, but then i realized it was irrelevant. nothing you have to say on the matter means anything to me because you're a sad, obsessive teen wolf blogger who has nothing better to do than sit and make dumb posts about this shitty show all day long. you must be so lonely and boring. how sad for you.



    i thought really long and hard about whether or not i was gonna respond to this you know, because half of me is like “wow what a butthurt little baby, this shit ain’t worth my time” but i got shit to address so sit your ass down and shut the hell up

    see i’ve been taking an AWFUL LOT OF SHIT about my bottom!derek love since august/september 2012 when i made the mistake of publishing a 40k long fic on AO3 that worked itself up to a big ole derek-takin-it-in-so-good scene at the end, and i’m tired of it.

    see, i say “mistake” because what followed was MONTHS UPON AGONIZING MONTHS of people coming at me all “your fic was SO GOOD… until the last five thousand words” and “bottom!derek???? REALLY??? def won’t be recommending this fic, what a WASTE” and “tag your gross sexual kinks, some of us don’t want to read your shit” and “why on EARTH would derek EVER let stiles top him??”

    hell, until i orphaned that goddamn fic a few months ago, i was STILL getting messages about it!!! ALMOST YEAR AND A HALF LATER! let me repeat that: people were so offended that i wrote stiles sticking his dick in derek’s butt that i was receiving abusive messages about it for sixteen months

    and that was the risk people took to write bottom!derek, too, back then and sometimes, still even now. so, yeah, fandom inevitably criticized that culture. and, yeah, there was a backlash of bottom!derek positivity that i think we’re still experiencing now. every day fandom is less and less shitty towards me and people like me who prefer writing and reading bottom!derek (for whatever reason, you know, which, by the way, is different from person to person) but you motherfuckers must be outside your damn minds to be thinking that the fandom’s burgeoning appreciation of bottom!derek is anywhere near the prominence of bottom!stiles. 

    trust me, i’m a bottom!derek connoisseur, i have TRAWLED the crevasses of this world to find this particular fav of mine, and while it’s popping up more and more these days, it’s still a minority preference in stiles/derek fanfiction!!!!!!!!! you are KIDDING yourselves if you think otherwise. you wanna find a good bottom!stiles fic? close your eyes, move your mouse around on AO3, and click. chances are pretty freaking good tha you’re gonna find something you like. 

    and those of us who write bottom!derek? still CONSTANTLY getting comments like “next time have stiles bottom!” and “i wish this wasn’t bottom!derek though” and stupid, ABUSIVE fucking anon asks like this one here, comin at me like “how dare you think you’re better than me because you have this one opinion/preference in regards to two fictional dudes fucking” 

    and, hey, you know what??? i AM better than you, but let me be clear: it’s got EVERYTHING to do with the fact that i have never in my life called someone sad or obsessive or lonely or boring for liking something they like?? never in my life have i tried so ruthlessly to shit down someone’s throat for something so goddamn INCONSEQUENTIAL. this ain’t about derek’s magnificent booty and all the delightful things i like to think he wants up there, so leave that out of it. 

    this is about you and a bunch of your shitmongering peers thinking that because you feel threatened by a burgeoning fandom preference, you have the right to come at those of us who maybe don’t totally agree with you (because, hey, i am actually very into bottom!stiles, too, you know, i just don’t feel creatively inspired by it because i feel like that well’s running close to tapped at this point) with shit like this.

    you can run and cry about this all you want but just remember you came at me like you had the goddamn right to make ANY assertions of my personality, time management, happiness, or character, and you need to back the fuck off, maybe walk around outside for about 30 seconds, then take a long hard look in the mirror because you’re getting salty at me about the fact that i am part of a minority who thinks derek’s got da booty and dat booty should be worshipped accordingly.

    you’re a joke, your cause here is a joke, the fact that you’re this fucking offended because i edited a stock photo of a button i found on google images to say something that sort of said something about electing derek-hale-getting-fingered in 2014 is the biggest fucking joke on the face of the planet. get the fuck out of my face and off my goddamn fabulous blog and don’t you fucking dare try and shame someone again for liking a thing they like and indulge in when they’re trying to escape the shittiness of their own realities, you giant festering pussack.

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    I don’t even know. It started with the first panel and just kept going.




    "What they don’t understand about birthdays and what they never tell you is that when you’re eleven, you’re also ten, and nine, and eight and seven, and six, and five, and four, and three, and two, and one." -Sandra Cisneros, "Eleven"

    Oh no this is super adorable

    I finally stopped to take a closer look at this and oh my GOD this is amazing.

    I’d like to know how much of that is the writers and how much is Matt Smith.